January 17, 2016

DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Come W/Me 2 Hell (1994)

The first installation of Come W/Me 2 Hell is where Paul really started to solidify his producing techniques. His sampling, pitch shifting, and chopping up vocal samples really took off since the Serial Killaz tape he and his half-brother released that same year. Scarecrow continues to develop as a rapper and polishes up a more incisive flow and pushes his machine-gun delivery a little harder. In my opinion, Drop It Off Yo Ass might be the most pivotal recording in Paul's career (and maybe Lord's as well); he splits up an old Skinny Pimp verse in unison with his signature Everlasting Bass cut and solid 808 bass samples, mixes in some DJ Zirk, the Triggaman beat, and his own Drag'Em To The River, and then caps the thing off with some sick scratching and a barrage of crossfade switches. I'm sure Juicy J is involved with producing or scratching at some points on here as well, but the samples used throughout the tape indicate that the majority was Paul's work. While this tape yields a shit ton of replay value, I think it's outclassed by the other album-esque tapes (as opposed to DJ mix tapes) Come W/ Me 2 Hell, Part 2 and DJ Paul Volumes 15 and 16. Still, I consider the tape one of the most influential in all of the Memphis underground and critical in the development of Triple 6. Also, DJ Paul released a solid remaster of the album in 2014 with a rearranged track listing, but I only have the original dub/rip as of now.


Come W/Me 2 Hell