January 14, 2016

Z-Ro - Z-Ro (2002)

Z-Ro's discography is massive--so let's run down the list real quick. His drug themed album/mixtape collection from the past 8 years has generated plenty of fans, there was his shit with Guerilla Maab, the early small-label albums Z-Ro vs. The World, Look What You Did To Me, and King Of The Ghetto, and let's not forget his first two classics with Rap-A-Lot, Life Of Joseph McVey and Let The Truth Be Told. Now he's doing R&B albums and all other sorts of mixtapes under different aliases in addition to his trap-inspired new releases. So then Ro has at least 2 albums or collections for each thing I just name-checked. This self-titled album, released a year or so before his deal with Rap-A-Lot, is one of those records that's been somewhat forgotten among his more well-known projects. It seems like I can't really go wrong with any Z-Ro, and this album isn't an exception. The eponymous album's sound is smack in the middle of the grittiness of his first several albums and the pimped-out sleekness of his Rap-A-Lot crowning achievements. An exceptional album along the same lines of the other slept on albums--Life and Tolerance--that needs to be explored by any Z-Ro fan.