February 10, 2016

Juicy J - Volume 5 (1992)

Volume 5 is one of the earliest Juicy J recordings that's still available in its full-length entirety. I suspect most people are familiar with Juice's lyrical style and his love for stories of blowjobs and pimping. The only region more obsessed with these topics than Memphis is the Bay area, so the majority of the tracks Juicy selects for this mix come from Spice-1, Too Short, and Dangerous Crew. I'm sure I'm not the only one that DJ mixes in this regard are a little primitive. I mean, I'd rather just put on a Spice-1 album if I really felt like bumping that. These mixes still have their charms though, for instance I love hearing the 808s from a Too Short track mixed with the iconic Paid In Full drum sample and Juicy's near-elite scratching abilities on Do It Baby. The Richard Pryor inserts make me laugh, not just because they're funny jokes, but because Juicy felt the need to include them, it gives the tape personality though I guess. In my opinion, the real meat of Volume 5 is only two tracks, the early version of Hurts Village and one of Juicy's first hits, Don't Be Scared, the latter of which casual Memphis heads might be familiar with from the Underground Vol. 1 compilation. Juicy really shows how knowledgeable he was as a DJ in Memphis early on with this tape, but I can't say there's too much of a reason for me to come back to this as the later tapes featured more original Memphis tracks. If you're into mixing and Memphis hip hop this is a classic due to the fact that it's Juicy J and one of the earliest recovered albums from the Triple 6 reign.