February 23, 2016

Juicy J - Volume 7 (1993)

Volume 7 is another transitional Juicy J mixtape that is more developed than the primitive Volume 5, but not quite as amazing as the shit he would do after this. Juice further builds off of the more detailed mixing he showcased on Volume 6. He also primarily mixes Triple 6 samples and full tracks, making this miles more entertaining than Volume 5, and shows how the golden era Triple 6 sound would be based around chopped up vocal samples queued up in drum machines. Volume 7 is one of the more cohesive mixes in the 90s Memphis underground and gives a good look at the scene from a producer perspective, though not as essential as DJ Paul Volume 15 or 16 or Juicy J Volume 8. Something cool to pay attention to is how different Juicy and Paul's styles were and how they locked together to create one of the greatest runs in the Memphis underground. Decently bumping tape that features some classic early Triple 6 material like Doggin All These Bitches and Fuck Dat Shit.


Volume 7