February 4, 2016

Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin' (1995)

Further proof that Khayree is the greatest producer of all time. On the other hand, Ray Luv isn't the greatest rapper of all time, just one of those guys that has trouble holding an album down by himself. It's not that he doesn't have skill, but he's certainly not matching the kind of chemistry Young Lay, Mac Dre, and even Mac Mall and Dubee had with Khayree. If it wasn't for that bay area accent (and of course the Khayree beats), I would have thought he was kicking gangsta raps from early 90s Houston similar to that of 20-2-Life or PSK-13. That's just a personal preference thing though, so if you like the idea of a rawer, Scarface-type rapper going ham on some Khayree bangers, then you gotta grab this. A thoroughly dope bay area album.


Forever Hustlin'