February 23, 2016

Southside Playaz - Street Game (2000)

Southside Playaz definitely get their respect from the most die-hard Houston rap fans, but outside of the core of that community they seem slept on. This is pretty surprising when you consider how instrumental Mr. 3-2 (the central member of this group) was to hip hop in Houston; looking at everything from his solo stuff to Convicts to Southside Playaz to his brilliant UGK collaborations. If you haven't been let on by this dope Pen N Pixel cover, Southside Playaz sounds like most Screwed Up Click albums: sleek, lavish soundscape, plenty of bells and synthetic percussion. This sophomore album is even more underrated than their first record, You Gottus Fuxxed Up. Keep in mind I have only listened to You Gottus Fuxxed Up twice around a year ago and I'm just now hearing Street Game, but I honestly might like this second album more. The beats are darker and the producers innovate more to fit Mr. 3-2's unique gangsta style. It's ultimately hard to describe this production since it's so varied (like 5-6 credited producers on here), but it benefits the dynamic of this group. Like virtually every Screwed Up Click-affiliated album from 1998-2003, Street Game features a plethora of features from everybody in the circle. Dope Houston shit that balls the whole time and dotted with a few absolute classics like Swang Down and What's Going On.


Street Game