February 18, 2016

Tre-8 - Ghetto Stories (1995)

"My ghetto stories.. I kick the real, cuz in the ghetto it ain't fame and glory.."

And that pretty much sums up what you get here. Tre-8 is a forgotten No Limit artist who was briefly signed to the label (probably a one album deal) and was not very well known. Apparently he also released an album before this one the same year called "Fright Night" which was not on No Limit. Anyway, he's a pretty hardcore rapper with a really sick voice. Totally just aggressive with his delivery and can flow pretty well. He even raps fast on some tracks. The lyrics on here are pretty generic, considering it's a gangsta album, but he delivers it so well that I just don't care. Lyrics mostly revolve around killing, the streets, hustlin', smokin' weed etc. I love this kind of stuff though so it's all good to me. The beats on here are great, and probably the reason I love this album so much. Just a bunch of dark bangers with some creepy synths added in. It's just one banger after the next. It fits in with Tre-8's rough aggressive rapping style really well. There are a couple standout tracks here in which he writes better and really makes you feel the stories he's telling, hence the album title. The two standouts in my opinion, "Ghetto Stories" and "Fright Night" really show off his rapping abilities. Master P and some other No Limit family make some nice appearances to make things interesting, but they're not crowded over the entire album like later No Limit. Seriously, I think this is one of the best albums from the label, as it's really consistent and cohesive. Only one track I don't really care for and that's "4 Real Mack Daddy" just because I don't like the hook even if the rapping is good. Definitely an album to check out for gangsta rap fans because it comes correct in all the right directions.