March 15, 2016

Deco-D - The Soul Taker (1995)

Man I got confused with this album; the shit I said in the first review was just wrong. Somebody pointed out to me that this album was released through a Bay area label. Deco-D seems to have moved there from Kansas City. His posse back in Kansas City seems to be centered around an underground group called Ghetto Kaos and they hook him up with some dope features on this album. Deco-D's production squad definitely brings an East bay feel to the album with slower smoked out beats, syncing up piano lines with basslines, and employing some fatass high and mid-range synth lines. Deco-D's got a tight flow for this Northern Cali g-funk/mobb hybrid of a sound and this junt is definitely one underground classic. Get this playing on your car system when you roll in the summer.


The Soul Taker