March 30, 2016

Derrick D - Daze Like This (1997)

One of the more above ground Memphis hip hop albums... but really the only reason I say it's "above ground" is because this junt is one of the small handful of Memphis albums that was pressed to disc at some point. Daze Like This sounds pretty damn nice as a result, and also as Gangsta Blac says on It's Goin' Down, they're talking into an $8,000 microphone. The beats are all over the place; you hear the distinct Memphis style in high pitched synths and church bells on a few songs, some East coast sounding horn squeals on Comin Up, and muted guitars inspired by West coast gangsta rap. Even though he's down with Tommy Wright III, Lil Fly, and Gangsta Blac, Derrick D's rhythm doesn't really indicate his Memphis origin. His lyrics and flow actually remind me most of Willie D and his voice makes me think of South Park's (Houston) Point Blank. Dope ass Memphis gangsta album, but the best songs are those that also appear on the SPV Click tape; Representin' and It's Goin Down (both sound like they were either produced like Tommy Wright III, one of his Street Smart boys, or Blackout). Derrick's a dope rapper, and he should have pursued more of that unique Memphis production for the whole album.


Daze Like This