March 25, 2016

Gato Barbieri - Chapter One: Latin America (1973)

If you ever need music for traversing the Patagonia while smoking weed and tripping on peyote, then look no further. Gato Barbieri's Chapter One, which I think is his first record on Impulse, is basically a Latin version of Pharoah Sanders' maximalist free jazz work. Wherever Pharoah would employ African instruments and musical styles in his free jazz experimentation Gato does with a fractured blend of bossa nova, pan-flute music, and Italian and Iberian folk music. Gato's saxophone screams aren't as warm as someone like Pharoah's, but it fits more with this maximalist big band work than in a small group setting such as his Dollar Brand collaboration. Despite the noise and freeness let out on Chapter One, the atmosphere remains spiritual and very pleasant overall.


Chapter One: Latin America