March 24, 2016

Global Communication - 76:14 (1994)

I'm not an expert on electronic music by any means, but believe it or not I was real into this kind of shit before I was swept away by jazz and hip hop in high school. I've had this album in my library for almost 4 years and I just now decided to listen to it--I'm glad I did because this is definitely the ambient masterpiece that people say it is. The production duo takes influence from the ambient techno and ambient house founding fathers The Orb and Aphex Twin. These guys are more patient when playing with sonic textures than the other dominant ambient techno group in the 90s, Boards of Canada. They also don't rely as much on video game-y sounding synth gimmicks (I do actually really like Boards of Canada, I'm just saying), and release much more traditional techno drum patterns when they finally decide to drop a drum track or two. To those of you who are electronic music lovers, I know it's probably a stretch to compare Global Communication to Boards of Canada, and that groups like The Future Sound of London and Autechre would probably be better comparisons, but understand I'm not well versed in electronic music and I have not listened to enough of the latter artists. Comparisons aside, this ethereal, yet dry and contemplative music is the kind of sound you'd expect to hear during the transition from your dying moments to purgatory. Global Communication are experts at simply placing all the right sounds at all the right moments and not rushing their music for the sake of grand creeps and drops. For electronic music newbies, I suspect that 76:14 won't be as instantly gratifying and memorable as something like the first two Orb albums, The KLF's most ambient projects, or Boards of Canada, but it's something you're going to love hearing eventually if you're down to throw on some spacious and glowing music.