March 21, 2016

Lil Boosie - Bad Azz (2006)

For all intents and purposes, Bad Azz is Boosie's solo debut. Yeah he had been putting out mixtapes and collaborations with Webbie since the late 90s, but this release was announced after he obtained a national following and generated some anticipation. Since his return from Death Row and prison, Boosie's been as motivated as ever and released a string of powerful projects that double as deep hitters and straight up party material, but in my opinion nothing beats the cunning young G that kicked some of the stankiest, trillest rap of all time. Bad Azz features some of the best beats that Boosie ever hooked up with and is the album where he fully develops the southern folk drawl in his flow. This album definitely proved that Boosie could be southern hip hop's new high priest that would pick up where Pimp C left off. The beats on Bad Azz are similar to a lot of the instrumentals heard in snap and club hits from the time; they don't have quite the exaggerated dirty south juice Webbie had going on Savage Life 2, but I think that this style fits Boosie better (and believe me it is still plenty dirty south sounding). At an hour long, there is a decent amount of material on the album; the only criticism I hear from people is that they just can't handle an hour of Boosie's high pitched voice. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about that... I'll just call those people 90s East coast boom bap dickriders.