March 30, 2016

Lil Fly - From Da Darkness Of Da Kut (1994)

From Da Darkness Of Da Kut is Lil Fly's only solo release during his time with Triple 6 Mafia. He split from the group around the time Mystic Stylez was released because of monetary disputes. This tape is one of DJ Paul's darkest productions. It might not necessarily sound as eerily devilshyt as Koop's tape, but there is a ghostly emptiness in this music unheard elsewhere. Fly's flow contributes to this feel for sure; he always raps in a low monotone voice and all of his lines are delivered with the same lazy cadence. Around a solid half of the tape is repeated Triple 6 vocal samples; while that technique is nothing new from DJ Paul, there are few other instances where he repeats samples for as long as he does for this album. This partnership really allows for this slow, spooky, and bass heavy music to sink deep into the darkest ruts of your soul. In my opinion this is one of the most mystical and ghoulish gangsta rap tapes ever, but at the same time it's very atmospheric and representative of the genre. One of the most essential tapes put out in the 90s Memphis underground and belongs in the highest tier of Triple 6 tapes released in 1994.