March 13, 2016

Ra'Kenn - Tha New Beginning (1996)

I listened to this whole album not knowing where Ra'Kenn was from. It turns out he reps Memphis, but I would have had no idea based on this music. Tha New Beginning sounds like either some Dallas or San Antonio shit, some obscure Midwest music from maybe Missouri City or St. Louis, or underground bay area stuff. Basically this is some standard mid-tempo underground g-funk. The lyrics are rough, straight forward, and very inspired by 2Pac, even though Ra'Kenn kicks a flow similar to Al Kapone on some tracks. Some Memphis influence makes its way onto this album, like the church bells on Nuttin' Butta G, the sustained bassline, surreal synth layering, and features on the last song, or the fiery threshold on the cover. A concise g-funk album that's dope as hell even if it is a little region neutral.