March 8, 2016

The S.O.S. Band - Just The Way You Like It (1984)

An absolute golden 80s synth funk album. The grooves are brilliant and these analog synthesizer lines hit you deep. The first half of the album is exceptional and puts all of the band's strengths to good use. The title track is definitely the peak of the album and should be played at every party to ever exist. The B side arrangements are a little gaudy and the album as a whole isn't as consistent as what I consider the synth funk keystone, It Takes Two. It's obvious that The S.O.S. Band is stronger with dance anthems than ballads. Still, the singers are powerful and the harmonies placed in are well timed. This album is also influential to hip hop music because of all the potential samples it left producers; the bassline on the first song is heard on all sorts of 90s gangsta rap and the synth chimes at the beginning of the song were also sampled by Clams Casino for A$AP's early hit, Peso.


Just The Way You Like It