April 21, 2016

2nd II None - The Shit (1994)

This is 2nd II None's unreleased Death Row album. I'm trying to figure out why this wasn't released because it's obviously not that the music is bad--this shit is incredible. I find it more complete and all around much better than their 1991 debut. Like that previous album, DJ Quik lays down all of the beats and proves that he's the best to ever do g-funk, right there with Daz. The Shit takes on a nighttime west coast feel and Quik is sure to extend all of these beats way past the final rapping bars in true g-funk jam fashion. KK and D are the same party rappers as on the debut, but mid-90s g-funk is obviously best thing to ever happen to them; they're made for these heavy basslines and smooth chord progressions. A feel good party album that would have sold well with a publicized single and one or two strong features. I can only imagine what this would sound like if it was granted the full Death Row mastering given to All Eyez On Me and Doggystyle. Also, a handful of songs on this rip have a bootleg DJ drop on it. I'm not sure if there is a copy without it, but if there is I'll update the link.


The Shit