April 7, 2016

Birdman & Lil Wayne - Like Father, Like Son (2006)

If you know anything about southern rap and haven't heard this junt, then expect it to sound exactly how you think it should. Lil Wayne does a good job on the mic and Birdman isn't awful. The production is good and does justice to the south, even if halfway through the album every beat starts sounding the same as the last. 2006 was right when Lil Wayne stepped on top of the world with the success of his Tha Carter and Da Drought series, so the album is obviously designed to be a money maker for Cash Money. Literally every song is about diamonds, cars, expensive leather.... bro, I don't even know why I'm trying to explain this, everyone knows what 2006 Birdman and Lil Wayne were rapping about. Like Father, Like Son is not anywhere near the level of other Lil Wayne projects from around this time. I think the blame lies on the hooks: while they are catchy enough to get you through the album in one piece, they aren't fleshed out or memorable. Download this album for its hits; they're pretty slept on nowadays actually. If you're looking for a complete 00s southern rap experience go get either an earlier Cash Money record, some other Lil Wayne, or a T.I. album.