April 12, 2016

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill (1991)

DJ Muggs brings back and steps up the East coast-type funk sampling he gave to his previous 7A3 group. This time he's equipped with much more effective rappers; there's a reason you've never heard of 7A3 while you've listened to Cypress Hill singles since you were a kid. B-Real seems to be either loved or hated by most, but for me he falls somewhere in the middle. I think he's cool on Black Sunday when I'm in the mood for his type of shit and I think his voice gets a bit redundant on Temples of Boom, but damn, he's really consistent for this debut. A lot of that has to with the straight forward uptempo funk production on this compared to how the slow haziness on Black Sunday and devilish grime on Temples of Boom let his wild voice beat you in the head over and over again. Glad I finally got around to throwing this on my headphones, probably edges out Black Sunday as their best in my opinion, but it's been awhile.


Cypress Hill