April 29, 2016

DJ Screw - Chapter 182: Ridin' Dirty (1996)

Ahh, DJ Screw's UGK tape, one of the most well known and potent dates to come out of Screw's house. People refer to this session as the promotional tape for the Ridin' Dirty album, and while 182 definitely functioned as such, I think it first and foremost serves as a celebratory hip hop party for the release of what is considered UGK's deepest and grandest work. Chapter 182 goes to show just how skilled and impressive of a rap duo UGK was in 1996. Screw tape freestyles are usually zoned out codeine mumbling with one syllable rhymes of whatever comes to the rapper's mind. That style creates its own lovely aesthetic and is powerful in its own right, but Pimp C and Bun B are on some other level. Their freestyles are incredibly well timed, stay in rhythm, are lyrically thought out, on their toes, and even carry central concepts and small stories through a handful of bars at a time. A mostly unrecorded rapper and friend of DJ Screw and the S.U.C., Grace, shares the mic with UGK and actually does a solid job holding his own with Houston's finest. DJ Screw keeps the first half of the tape moving right along with a quick track progression off of which Pimp, Bun, and Grace thrive. The purely instrumental second half of the tape comes from a different session--I'm not sure if it was sometime in the same day or not--but regardless it serves as an excellent cooldown to the incisive wittiness UGK kicks for the first part with Screw's classic purrped up doctoring of West coast hits. DJ Screw's near 300 released tapes is surely daunting to most beginners, so if you need somewhere to start, try hitting this one up. Go grab your codeine-promethazine solution and put it in your baby bottle, and kick back one weekend bumping this. --Also, thanks to Maurice Garland for nabbing that dope interview--