April 24, 2016

DJ Screw - Chapter 251: Stressed Out (1996)

Stressed Out is an absolute classic from Screw. I've seen it chatted about a few times, but I still consider this a very slept on tape. Simply put, it is one of the gentlest, softest, and codeine-friendly mixes he's ever made. The tracks he incorporates are all spacious laid back g-funk songs, often with introspective and/or bittersweet vibes. There are few other Screw tapes where I hear the Originator sustain murky, head-rocking basslines quite like this. An incredibly purrped out and urban set to play whether you're happy, depressed, as the sun is setting, or you're up for no reason at 4 in the morning. If I was trapped for eternity doing nothing but unwinding in the dark to this gorgeous mix, I wouldn't complain. About as close to heaven as one can get.

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Stressed Out