April 16, 2016

Fred Jackson - Hootin' 'N Tootin' (1962)

I first heard this guy on John Patton's Along Came John--when he shared the spotlight with another soul jazz tenor, Harold Vick. Several months later I heard him as the only horn on Baby Face Willette's Face To Face and holy shit he killed it, just a total not-so-secret weapon for that album's greatness. I eventually got my hands on Hootin' N Tootin', the only album where he headlines. Jackson doesn't come through with same type of fire as on Face To Face; he's still got energy, but his spark is noticeably more deliberate. This band of unknowns kicks some of the freshest soul jazz ever. The music avoids getting stale for the whole 40 minutes and I'm always grooving through this whole thing. Hootin' 'N Tootin' is made up of a handful of smaller cuts so it moves right along. Just one of those dates where everybody's feeling good and works well with each other. Highly recommended.


Hootin' 'N Tootin'