April 2, 2016

MC Breed - The New Breed (1993)

On the last two albums, the types of beats that Breed picked started to move from east coast sounding to west. Here, he's totally got a west coast vibe going on. All of these beats are synth heavy, g'ed out shit. Breed actually produced a lot of this himself which is impressive, but he also had help from The D.O.C. and Warren G. I gotta say, these beats are dope as hell and the main reason why this album is so nice. As for Breed's rapping, he's actually pretty tight here. Sure, he's nothing groundbreaking, but I really enjoy his smooth, slow flow. The topics are pretty basic gangsta shit, but I dunno, I don't care if it's delivered nicely. With the combination of these dope ass g-funk beats and Breed's laid back rapping style, you have yourself his best album. Yeah, probably even better than the debut even if his rapping was slightly better on there. It's short as hell too, only like 10 real songs giving pure consistency. 2Pac appears on what is the best track of the album, he totally kills it. The rest of the album isn't quite on the same level, but still dope as hell nonetheless. Recommended for fans of that gangsta shit! Even though Breed is from the midwest, he still knew how to make great west coast-like music. Really an overlooked, underrated dude. The fact that he produces his own shit is respectable enough.


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