April 21, 2016

Prince - Purple Rain (1984)

It's been a while since I wrote a music review. Slipping further into darkness, and finding little to look forward to, few albums have interested me in the past few months. But I believe that as long as I have a pulse Purple Rain will never fail to affect me on some level. Prince was perhaps the greatest songwriter of all time, and this album makes the best argument for that case. Few can put out volume while maintaining quality like Prince, writing for who knows how many other groups while keeping a legendary solo career.

The synth lines and drum tracks are incredible, weaving an effective background for the main show. The main show of course is Prince himself. His virtuoistic guitar playing, his soft crooning, just his essence laid out on every track. Emotion is poured onto the album, as that was what defined Prince, he was a lover. The album is perfect with or without the movie, but I highly encourage those who like Prince to watch the movie as well, it may be cheesy but it's better than some reviews would suggest. 

For all his showboating he was among the most mysterious people in the music industry. He seemed to hide behind his fame, loving the spotlight, but never allowing it to illuminate him. I would contend that Prince didn't have nearly as big of an ego as it seemed. He played that way because people ate it up. From what I've read Prince seems to have suffered from depression, reading which confirmed my instincts. Sometimes the world doesn't offer much to those who offer the most to the world. Rest in peace Prince, let us know if there's purple rain in the next life.