April 22, 2016

South Central Cartel - South Central Madness (1991)

A funky dose of pre-Chronic Los Angeles rap. I feel like I'm in the minority that thinks this is the group's strongest album. The N.W.A influence is obvious, but even more so I feel like this is inspired by the chill gangsta raps and funky bass loops Compton's Most Wanted was doing. Havoc and Prodeje (yes different from Mobb Deep), kill it on here. To make matters even more confusing, the duo would go on to introduce another Havoc "Havikk the Rhime Son" and another Prodigy "Young Prodeje" to larger roles on their following albums. The S.C.C. employs a pretty damn dope hook singer, LV. This is interesting since live hook singers in hip hop were a rare before the times of Nate Dogg, bringing a much different style and meaning to sung hooks. Prodeje is a fantastic producer, and everybody all over the west coast (notably Spice-1 and Mac Mall) was no doubt trying to get a piece of his beats after this album was released. He receives dope scratching help from a couple of DJs associated with the group as well. I recognize N Gatz We Truss and All Day Everyday as cult classics, but I really think the rawer funk beats (and independece from a questionable Def Jam west coast section) fit them better. Sunny day riding music to mobb and mean mug too.


South Central Madness