May 27, 2016

Big Noyd - Episodes Of A Hustla (1996)

There is not a person in the world that doesn't love The Infamous and Mobb Deep's instrumentals. Despite his popularity, Havoc wasn't quite on Mannie Fresh's productivity level and hasn't left a plethora of beats from his peak years (95-96). This means Q.B. street mafioso fans need to grab whatever they can in order to satisfy their hunger for more instrumental dopeness. Hell On Earth is a good place to start as is the obscure Pre-Hell EP, but a surprising amount of people overlook Big Noyd's dope 1996 EP. Big Noyd is Mobb Deep's closest affiliate who was heavily involved as an impressive feature artist for The Infamous. He of course describes the same East coast ghetto reality of Nas, Mobb Deep, B.I.G., and Capone-N-Noreaga and aligns with the new drug kingpin identity that had fallen over New York. Havoc and Prodigy repay the favor and at least one of them appears as a guest rapper on all of these songs. Like most NYC hip hop albums from this time, Episodes Of A Hustla is a grimy and gloomy affair which accurately represents the overall mood of the city. Essential Timbs shit.


Episodes Of A Hustla