May 3, 2016

Big Tymers - How U Luv That, Vol. 2 (1998)

How U Luv That, Vol. 2 is basically the same selection of songs from the first installment which was released a year before (only a couple of replacements in the track listing plus some bonus cuts). I guess the original How U Luv That was re-released in 1998 to commemorate Cash Money's signing a distribution deal with Universal. You won't be surprised to hear that Mannie and Baby aren't quite on the rapping level of the youthful Hot Boys, but the pair does put in a pretty solid effort--they are far from a block of shit on the mic (I say this because I was pretty skeptical at first). That said, a stellar production outing from Mannie Fresh persists above everything, making this an essential for fans of New Orleans and dirty South rap. I don't play How U Luv That as a whole very often since there are a handful of other better Cash Money albums from this time, but I'm not playing when I say some of these songs go harder than a motherfucker. Especially the tracks with Bun B... I mean holy shit, just imagine if Mannie had produced the entirety of a Bun B solo album.


How U Luv That, Vol. 2