May 27, 2016

Death Row/Various - Gang Related [Soundtrack] (1997)

Death Row was an incredible record label, and in some ways it is my favorite of all time. It's a shame how shady and corrupt the recording empire was, but it is the label on which three of my top five hip hop albums were released. Those three are All Eyez On Me, Dogg Food, and Doggystyle with The Chronic following close behind, but people stop at those big four albums without realizing all the treasures buried in the handful of soundtracks Death Row put together. It seems Gang Related is the most forgotten of all the Suge Knight soundtracks. This 1997 collection was compiled about a full year following 2Pac's death; when Knight was facing incarceration and Dr. Dre was already long gone, so it is what I consider the final proper golden-era Death Row album. This double disc is almost two hours long, an absurd length, but that was just the state of hip hop after 1996; money, money, money. The Daz Dillinger, 2Pac/Outlawz, and Quincy Jones III tracks are unsurprisingly the highlights, so if you're looking to cut out the fluff, browse through the tracklist and go straight for that good shit. That's not to say there are any weak songs, just lengthy late-night g-funk jams that a lot of people might want to pass on. I absolutely love this sound, though, and I can see myself throwing this on my car system for a nighttime city drive in the future.


Gang Related