May 18, 2016

DJ DMD - Twenty-Two: P.A. Worldwide (1998)

You might know DJ DMD for his southern rap classic, 25 Lighters, or for his rapping appearance and co-production on the legendary UGK album, Super Tight. That was all the pressure I needed to check out this album. Yes, 25 Lighters is lead single on Twenty-Two, and while it is an incredibly iconic track, the rest of the album isn't that much of a drop off. DMD produces the whole album by himself and it's now obvious to me how responsible he was for Super Tight's greatness. Several solid Port Arthur/Houston rappers are featured guests (DMD's Inner Soul Clique), most of them are unfairly unknown today, but the album is anchored by verses from Lil Keke, Fat Pat, and Pimp C. An original UGK member, Big Mitch (Mitchell Queen), makes a brief return to the rap game on this album too--an interesting piece of hip hop history. If you are already a fan of UGK, the 1998 Fat Pat and Keke albums, or you just can't get enough Houston hip hop, then give this a listen.