May 20, 2016

Ganksta N-I-P - South Park Psycho (1992)

Prince Johnny C and Bushwick had a few sicko lyrics before South Park Psycho was released and there was Esham as a local horrocore hit up in Michigan, but for all intents and purposes, horrorcore started with this. J Prince caught wind of some dude shocking and silencing people in freestyle battles across Houston, so he went to go check him out. He saw potential in NIP and brought him into a club bathroom where he absolutely lost it with a freestyle. In one interview he recalls how he punched mirrors and licked the blood off his hands and arms as he continued with his horrific lyrical depictions of torture, infanticide, and rape. To my knowledge, Ganksta NIP hasn't caught any weird or violent offenses like Big Lurch or X-Raided, and he surprisingly appears as a pretty down to earth guy in interviews. That all makes me wonder if horror is simply a topic that comes to him naturally, a way to vent murderous energy, or what, but some devilish inspiration is definitely coming from inside. You can't just chalk up South Park Psycho as gimmicky shock value bullshit. If you're a curious listener bumping this for you first time, you might think this is humorous, but for me it shifts into a different beast when I'm in a darker, more depressed mind state--it just bogs my soul down even further. NIP spits like there are violent wars, famines, and plagues raging inside his head and makes every word sting when it lands. The beats and final master are incredibly murky, dull, and simple; it just hits me like a stone club. Only people who haven't traveled beneath all of humanity will stay laughing at this.


South Park Psycho