May 12, 2016

Herbie Hancock - Flood (1975)

A chill mid 70s Herbie album. If you think Man-Child and Thrust are too lavish with their electric components and space production, I suggest giving Flood a listen. Recorded live in Japan, Hancock's group is of course limited by the recording abilities to really get all the way out in astronaut land. This does not mean the band shies away from slapping away on their electric instruments, however. Herbie's regular rhythm section from this era--comprised of bassist Paul Jackson, drummer Mike Clark, and guitarist Dewayne McKnight--throws down some extra spiffy funk. Herbie rocks right away on acoustic piano or Fender Rhodes and wrings every ounce of pep out of this lineup. Bennie Maupin doesn't fear stretching way out on a few of his solos either. A cool couple of live sessions that are forgotten in favor of the Columbia studio albums, but I think they are about as good as anything Herbie was laying down in the booth.