May 10, 2016

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (1965)

A Love Supreme has always been number one since day one. I don't play this very often, and while it is a powerful record, it doesn't move me on a regular basis like my other favorite spiritual jazz albums Black Unity, Crescent, Space Is The Place, and Journey In Satchidananda. A Love Supreme is the only one of my favorites that evokes absolutely no nostalgic ties or memories in me. It doesn't rely on overblown power, nor does it contain a deep sense of personality, stress, or depression like my favorite hip hop album, All Eyez On Me, or my favorite rock epic, Daydream Nation. I believe A Love Supreme is the purest album I've ever heard because of this, and I highly doubt I will find anything else in my lifetime that will resonate with me on this unique plane. A Love Supreme never gives me complete answers, but I keep coming back to it for some truths I swear by my life must be hidden somewhere in there. For me, the love supreme is the biggest mystery in the spiritual world. What is the love supreme? People might point to the album's liner notes and the accompanying poem, both of which are written by John Coltrane, but the answer isn't there for me. That might be a cool place to look for John's inspiration, but, in my eyes, the album became something bigger than him and his spiritual influences. Every time I listen, I think I figure out what the love supreme is, but then my reasoning doesn't make any sense a day later, if I can even remember what it was. I'm able to find answers on other truth searching albums. On Maggot Brain I can taste the maggots in the mind of the universe and rise above it all and on Phantom of the Rapra I let Bushwick explain to me the secrets of the hidden temple, but for A Love Supreme I'm totally lost and have been for the 4 years since I first heard it. Right now, I think this Love can justify or give a reason for your death, but the same acknowledgement, resolution, and pursuance is what compels you to stay persistent with your spiritual exploration and spiritual living. This might be the most pretentious thing ever written, but it is what A Love Supreme means to me at the moment, and I wrote this for me. Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance.... and

A Love Supreme