May 24, 2016

Klondike Kat - The Lyrical Lion (1993)

A raw debut EP from Klondike Kat, one of the realest members of Houston's South Park Coalition. Despite the EP classification, the whole record is about 43 minutes long, the duration of most LPs. This is still only a 7 track album though; Klondike Kat loved those long songs that gave him time to spread out and get really into that early 90s Houston madness. The 9 minute posse cut, Murder Script, is the album's incredible centerpiece and one of the best demonstrations of what the S.P.C. was all about. Klondike Kat has a cool flow, one that falls in line with the general S.P.C. aesthetic and also quite similar to what was happening out in the bay area of California. The beats take on that raw funk attitude experienced on the other S.P.C. albums, but for the most part I feel they are icier and a little more spacious than albums like Up 4 Parole (20-2-Life), South Park Psycho (Ganksta NIP), or Stories of the Black Book (K-Rino), not saying that makes them better or worse, just gives it a cooler feel than those other albums. The EP's shorter length makes this a more manageable listen than the 75 minute Mobbin' Music Melodies Klondike put out in 1997. I haven't listened to that album in about a year, so it's hard for me to compare the two quality-wise, but this is a more streamlined record with the original S.P.C. sound as opposed to the Southern g-funk of the 1997 album.


The Lyrical Lion