June 2, 2016

Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon (1993)

Under A Funeral Moon is the middle album and most overlooked of what people dub Darkthrone's "unholy trinity", a progressing streak of three influential and incredible albums the band released in the early 90s. It is even tinnier sounding than A Blaze In The Northern Sky and sheds absolutely any death metal hints the band held onto for that previous album. For some reason I see A Blaze and Transilvanian Hunger as slightly more epic albums, but Under A Funeral Moon trades in that quality for impressive focus and cohesiveness. Insanely raw, but the narrow and lo-fi soundscape winds up managing the noise and leaving the riffs and drums very decipherable; a fantastic mix that is hard to come by for this type of black metal. About as good as the genre gets. Worth a listen.


Under A Funeral Moon