June 14, 2016

DJ Akoza - Vol. 1 (2016)

Doomshop Records is one of the truest things happening in the underground today. For people who haven't heard of them, this highly productive clique resembles the Memphis rap revivalism scene that began bubbling 6 or so years ago with high-profile releases of SpaceGhostPurrp, Lil Ugly Mane, and all of their affiliates, but by no means is this label really involved with any of that stuff. They seem to have every style of 90s southern hip hop sewed up whether that's thumping trap tracks, straight homages to the grittiest of Memphis hip hop, cloud rap, chopped and screwed mixes, or a mixture of all of the above. Obviously, the music strives for a 90s underground feel, but they still let plenty of originality pop off. As you can probably see from most of my posts on the blog so far, I'm pretty much stuck in the 80s and 90s when it comes to rap music. Even if it's sweet junts echoing that era, I'm behind the curve on most current shit, so I unfortunately don't know too much about how Doomshop came about or a background on Akoza and his past works (they have a lot of material).

DJ Akoza's Vol. 1 mix proves to be a great late night session with its vintage, nodded-out atmosphere. Elements of that Triple 6-style sampler mixing are stirred up with a more traditional chopped and screwed style--almost like a funky mixture of Devil's Playground/3 N Da Mornin', but it stays floating in the clouds with old jazz and funk samples that haven't been heard elsewhere. I'm not sure if those electric keyboard chords are old samples or original lines, but god damn they are nice. The snare and hi-hat samples are utterly sick also and are skillfully tweaked to fit the vibe of their respective tracks, a good sign that the producer really knows what the fuck they're doing. While they consistently turn out bangers, I feel like some Doomshop tracks can have a little too much going on, but Akoza is really making me eat my words on that with how well he maximizes simple rhythms and sample layering to absolutely dominate that late night syrup in my cup, blunt in my hat feel. This guy is a current underground artist putting out dope shit independently, so obviously I'm not going to give out an illegal download link. Go get that shit on your own and let it ride the fuck out at 4 in the morning.