June 22, 2016

Playa Fly - Just Gettin It On (1995)

Playa Fly is one of my favorite rappers ever involved with the Triple 6 Mafia. A lot of people don't make much of his flow, but I think it does wonders for the slow and syrupy devil shit DJ Paul and Juicy J were about in 1993 and 1994. He absolutely murders verses on Smoked Out Loc'd Out, Mystic Stylez, and of course his only solo-tape with Triple 6 Mafia, From Da Darkness Of Da Kut. If you're new to Memphis hip hop or just a casual fan, you'll easily recognize Fly for his low, slurring, and monotone stream of lyrics; almost like he can't quite lift his tongue all the way up or something. Shortly after recording Mystic Stylez with other Prophet Entertainment affiliates, he left the group on bad terms, likely because of bullshit drama and not getting his money due to the group's addiction to coke and syrup.

Fly would eventually land with Blackout and the Playa Posse for a good while and release many more dope verses, but this first album is self-produced with help from a guy named Talio, who I know nothing about. Just Gettin' It On is home to the infamous first version of Fly's diss to Three 6 Mafia, aptly titled Triple Bitch Mafia. The track was slimmed down a bit and pumped up with a Blackout beat on Fly Shit, but damn does he go off on Part 1 as well. Triple Bitch Mafia is obviously the most direct call out to Paul and Juice, but I also see just about every track on here serving a similar purpose. Eazy-E may have dedicated an EP to dissing Dr. Dre, but I think Fly has him beat in terms of volume with Just Gettin It On (this is over an hour). Fly's overall style hardly changes from his earlier material, and I'd even say he matured as a rapper (but it's probably just the better engineering making me say that). The production is nothing as unique as From Da Darkness, but its dry funk elements and sunken atmosphere are all Fly needs to get his point across. Features from Gangsta Blac (another favorite of mine) and Lil Ced are absolutely killer, and Fly has his own father, known as Mr. Bill Chill, singing the melancholy hooks. The album was first issued as an underground tape in '95, but after his next record, Fly Shit, sold very well in the south, labels were interested in repackaging the tracks (with an extra--Fuck A Wanna Be) for a 1999 CD reissue. You can still find this CD relatively easy in record stores and definitely on Amazon or Ebay for cheap.