June 4, 2016

Tha Alkaholiks - 21 & Over (1993)

I've called DJ Muggs and Cypress Hill the most East coast sounding West coast group, but Tha Alkaholiks give them a run for their money. Even though the bass is boosted up and the kicks are perfect for pumping in the Cadillac or Chevy Impala, there are as many East coast samples and production techniques as East coast flows and hooks on this album. I guess these King Tee affiliates could be compared to The Pharcyde or Souls Of Mischief, but only as much as they could be compared to Lords of the Underground or The Beatnutz. 1993 was a monstrously transitional year for New York hip hop, but it's amazing how its influence was felt on another coast. Tha Alkaholiks stay true to their name and rap about partying and being idiots, but with a smart lyrical edginess. The Lootpack (Madlib's early group) makes an appearance and shows how this group really influenced the Madlib's career, the transformation of MF Doom, and other slacker rappers to come. 21 & Over is the kind of album on which gangsta rap and alternative rap fans can find common ground.


21 & Over