July 2, 2016

Bigtyme Vol. I: Still Afloat (1994)

I don't know if this is considered a SPC release because it was more specific to the label "Bigtyme Recordz," but it is a very dope compilation released to give everyone an introduction to the artists on the label. Some of the people on here had already released albums, and half of these songs are from those albums, but they're some of the best songs so it's all good. I don't really care because the other half of the songs here are exclusive which is a serious bonus. There's only 11 tracks total, so it's quite consistent. You get one UGK song, which was off of "Banned" and it's deadly. The lyrics are so over the top and the beat bangs. Basically all the beats here are bangers and have that classic Houston sound. Just raw and hard as fuck. I like how there is a lot of PSK-13 and Point Blank here because in my opinion they were the best two artists on the label. There are some songs from them that aren't on any other albums, so you get them here. Ice Lord is pretty much introduced (Yeah, he didn't debut on the Wreckless Klan album, he was rapping before '96) and he actually kills it on here as well. Pretty much every track on here is dope and bangin', and you even have several standout cuts. I'm also not sure if this is considered a DJ Screw album because it's not chopped & screwed at all, but it's a very good album and should not be missed from Texas rap fans.