July 20, 2016

Kevin Gates - Pick Of Da Litter (2007)

With Kevin Gates' exploding popularity, it's easy to forget that he was deep in the rap game back in 2007. I was one of those people who didn't have a clue; I knew that he had some minor affiliation with Boosie and Webbie in the mid 00s, but I had no idea he already had so much juice in those days. When I downloaded this, I was ready for some snap, but wasn't expecting something as amazing as classics like Savage Life 2 or Bad Azz. Let me take a look at this trinity: Savage Life 2 represents the dirty south hammond/guitar funk, Bad Azz is a more streamlined domination of the southern club sound, and Pick Of Da Litter is just straight up trap shit. Kevin's lyrics, flow, and personality are all present, so I guess it was his prison sentence that delayed his fame. I think it's also that the world wasn't ready for this kind of rapper--he was made for the 2010s. Still, you can see how he was poised to eventually take over hip hop worldwide. The beats are absolutely ridiculous and as representative of the Atlanta/New Orleans sound as they can possibly get. Ya Boy Earl is constantly giving shouts along the lines of "yeeeaah, Kevin don't give em too much, you gotta go buy the album", some listeners might hate that, but I can't front about how much those drops hype me up. Right there with Trap Muzik as my favorite mid-00s trap release.


Pick Of Da Litter