July 16, 2016

Z-Ro - Drankin & Drivin (2016)

I’ve always thought Z-Ro had some influence on Gate's style, but it seems like this album is kind of Gates-influenced, albeit still a Z-Ro original. I love Gates and think he’s one of the best current rappers, but Drankin & Drivin has gotta be better than even Luca Brasi 2. The feature from Krayzie is a high point but the whole album is fire. This might not appeal to some Ro fans that don’t dig modern rap, as the beats are more trap than his old albums, and his singing, while still better than any other rapper in the game, is influence by the modern styles. Some of the songs are plays off other songs, such as Women Men, inspired by Many Men (50 Cent). In classic Ro style, most songs consist of long hooks, and partially sung verses. Just because he's on modern beats and changed up his style slightly doesn't mean the subject matter's changed. He's still miserable and will tell you all about it. This isn’t Truth Be Told or Life of, but of his albums in the past five years this is probably my favorite. As Ro says on ‘New Shit’, If you don’t like his new shit you can go back to his old shit.