August 24, 2016

DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Come W/Me 2 Hell, II (1995)

Come W/Me 2 Hell II might be a 1995 release (January or February), but its aesthetic fits right in with the 1994 onslaught of Triple 6 Mafia material. Tear Da Club Up hints at the group's progression towards their world famous late-90s crunk shit, but for the most part this focuses on the same dark and slow-moving music that had made them local legends with the releases of Da Devil's Playground and From Da Darkness Of Da Kut. Come W/Me 2 Hell II is now hailed as one of the cornerstones of Memphis hip hop, probably because of its simplicity, darkness, and watery tape rip, but I honestly think it's a little overrated. I think it's a little better than part one of Come W/Me 2 Hell and it's a surreal listening experience when the snow is falling in January (around the time the tape was produced), but it's neither as sunken as From Da Darkness, as playalistic as Smoked Out Loc'd Out, or as skillfully produced as Volume 16. Definitely feels like a fuck-around project while Paul and Juicy were figuring out distribution deals for their above-ground debut, and that's part of why I do love this. In my opinion, the two strongest tracks on here are Ridin' In Da Chevy Pt. II and (Gettin Real Buck (Paul Wit Da .45), but I think they are both taken to a different level with their remasters for Underground Vol. 1--still, sometimes I'm in that kind of mood for some lowdown and dirty shit or I feel the need to go to a dark place when I'm feeling cold, sinister, and hopeless, these (along with the rest of the tape) are at the top of my list. Just let those repetitive samples take control and beat you down into hell. Also, are we still waiting on that remaster?? And if anybody has a better rip of this, hit me up.


Come W/ Me 2 Hell, II