August 29, 2016

Three 6 Mafia - Chapter 2: World Domination (1997)

By this point in the legendary Three 6 Mafia tale, the group was deep in the major label game and was killing record sales. Ironically, they had completely wrapped up connections with who used to be their three best rappers; Gangsta Blac, Skinny Pimp, and Playa Fly. The group had also mostly done away with their sample repetition production styles featured on their four and eight track tape recorders in favor of original synth lines. The group was riding on hits and the fact that the world had never heard the crunk and buck styles before, but there is no question to me that the quality of their albums drops hard starting here. Scarecrow and Koop are as skilled as they are annoying and Gangsta Boo's skill is diminished with her surrender to a more No Limit style. Of course, Crunchy Black sees his biggest album presence to date and that's not helping anything. Juicy J completely outshines everybody here and just puts these beats in their place with his rock-solid voice and flow. The album is not bad at all, but it's disappointing to hear the Triple 6 go from one of the most unique sounds of all time to a slightly above average southern rap group. If crunk is your thing or you're a huge fan of Lord Infamous or Koopsta Knicca, then this might be a very enjoyable listen. My favorite song on here is Who Got Them 9's, which is also probably my favorite Project Pat song. Prophet Posse, Hit A Mothafucka, and Bodyparts 2 are also slamming. There is no denying that this is one of the most influential albums to 2000's hip hop and is a record that brings back memories to those who were kids and teens at the time of this crunk takeover, but that hardly means this holds up to their two previous albums or their underground shit. When The Smoke Clears has better hits and Hypnotize Camp Posse is a more exciting posse effort, anyway.


World Domination