September 9, 2016

DJ Paul - Volume 12 [Parts 1 & 2] (1993)

A piece of Triple 6 Mafia dopeness. Actually, I think Volume 12 dates back to before the Triple 6 moniker: when Homicide, Nigga-9, Juicy J, Scarecrow, Paul, and friends were known as Backyard Posse. In my opinion, Volume 12 is a big improvement over Paul's previous production credits, the Lord Infamous solo tape and the Serial Killaz tape. I'm not sure if those tapes came before number 12 or not, but a good handful of those tracks definitely date to before this. It would be interesting to compare this mix to Paul's Volume 11 tape, but unfortunately there is no accessible rip for that mix. At this point, Paul was focused on micro mix-type tracks (as opposed to something like Juicy J Volume 5, where Juice was just mixing full songs in together--Paul does some of this on 12's Part 2, however). Along with the first Come W/Me 2 Hell tape, this is definitely the point where Paul become one of the most legitimate producers/DJ's in Memphis. The tape is not as sinister as the digital bootleg cover (above) would lead you to believe. Scarecrow's few verses have some cold devilish rhymes in them, but these tapes are mostly dedicated to dissing women--not really an exciting topic for me, but it keeps the tape bumping, so whatever. Part 2, a completely different tape, is no doubt the weaker effort, but it's got the dope Hurst Village, Pt. II and a quick verse from the elusive Lil Buck. Listen to this on a cool afternoon this October and let that rhythmic gangsta shit sink in to your head.


Volume 12 [Parts 1 & 2]