September 10, 2016

Gangsta Blac - Can It Be? (1996)

Can It Be? is quickly rising as one of my favorite rap albums. It was released on Prophet Entertainment which is interesting because Gangsta Blac was still tight with Playa Fly and doing raps for various Blackout productions (Fly had fallen out with Three 6 Mafia a year earlier). The production is of course done by DJ Paul and Juicy J and is mostly just a collection of reworked underground tracks that Gangsta Blac had done with Paul. His slight Memphis whine and oddly smooth flow covers every edge of these equally melancholy and buck beats. I love how he accents some words and puts a ton of breath into everything he speaks, very similar to Pimp C in that regard. GB's sense of rhythm is also tight as hell; he does hardly any triplet flowing, opting for the more oldschool memphis "stream of lyrics" flow (the preferred flow of Gangsta Boo and Playa Fly). If you want to hear a dude with an incredible voice putting some serious pop on old playalistic loops with Memphis drum patterns, then check this out.


Can It Be?