September 15, 2016

H.O.H. - Livin' In A Casket (1995)

An odd album from the Memphis underground. Livin' In A Casket is one of the handful of tapes that was put out in slightly larger quantities through a true record label and exhibits a bit of a different vibe than the underground, underground cassette culture. This group of four goes absolutely ham on these beats, and they don't downplay their Eightball, MJG, Al Kapone, and Gangsta Pat influence. The production, well, the keyboard work at least, is similar to some Blackout style stuff, but is much less spooky and faint and more up in your face. Seriously though, you have to give these guys credit for making one of the hardest underground albums out there with basically the same fucking sounds from Pokemon Crystal.


Livin' In A Casket