October 31, 2016

DJ Zirk - Underworld (2001)

Underworld is an underground compilation CD put out by DJ Zirk and 2 Thick Records that highlights the clique's golden age of the mid 90s. There are a few newer songs (closer to the 2000 release date), but for the most part the purpose of this CD comp is to bring the older tracks limited to cassette technology to a more modern medium in order to be blasted in cars since tapes were going out of style. Underworld definitely flows like a compilation and might not be as perfect as listening to one of his underground tapes front to back, but it does provide a cleaner take on a wide variety of Zirk's production techniques. Pretty amazing how much the dude went through from 92-97: sample abuse, bucking 808 bass rhythms, smoked out devil shit, player shit, minimal tape tracks, melancholy synth atmospheres, and g-funk is all here. The bass on these remastered tracks is a little more precise, the kicks feel louder, and the snares are more obnoxious, perfect for when you want to blast something like Born 2 Lose in a residential area. A lot of 2 Thick/Gangstashit rappers have appearances; Tinimaine, Criminal Manne, Primo are the most notable, joined by Buckshot, Lil Grove, and of course the mighty, underrated DJ Zirk on the mic himself. This crew is the best in Memphis, in my opinion, and is rivaled only by the Playa Posse/Snubnoze group. Along with Born 2 Lose, the compilation features the quintessential Memphis hip hop track, Lock'Em In Da Trunk, as well as the player's ball/chiefen anthem, Supa Straight. All of the tracks have something incredible to offer and are a great glimpse into the career of one of the best, DJ Zirk.

Sample [A Car Is Necessary--Headphones Do No Justice]