October 15, 2016

Mr. 3-2 - The Wicked Buddah Baby (1996)

Another guest post by our friend Dan at Southside Holding.
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Mr. 3-2’s Wicked Buddah Baby is an album that eluded me for many years. As a youngsta getting into screwtapes and Houston rap, I was already aware of 3-2 as a member of the Screwed Up Click and Southside Playaz. Later on, I would come to realize that he in fact does the first verse on UGK’s One Day. Eventually, I would hear about the legend of 3-2  - How he was almost the official third member of UGK, but was too into smoking sherm and was unable maintain his professionalism in order to seriously work with Pimp and Bun. Even today, I still occasionally will hear about spottings of 3-2 in South Houston, always shermed out, slanging CDs out the trunk.

When someone first gets into Houston rap, people are quick to recommended the solo debuts of Fat Pat, Lil Keke, Big Moe and ESG. However, 3-2’s solo debut is somewhat underrated and is not often included with his contemporaries’ first albums. Many will probably claim that Wicked Buddah Baby is not as strong as those albums, but I still think this is an enjoyable listen with quite a bit of replay value. The majority of the tracks here are co-produced by long-time Rap-A-Lot producers John Bido and Mike Dean. The beats really complement 3-2’s ultra-laid back flow and delivery. My favorite track has got to be Hit the Highway because the combination of 3-2, Eightball, MJG, and Too $hort simply can’t be beat. It is 100% concentrated pure pimp shit. For fans of the funky funky Houston sound.


The Wicked Buddah Baby