November 8, 2016

Deadman - Bloodmoon: Legend Of The Deadman (2005)

I decided to listen to this album because of the name and the cover. It looked like it would be some spooky shit and there is never enough dark devil rap, you feel me? As it turns out, Bloodmoon is just another one of those albums that claims death and the occult and then does little to nothing in that field. That's ok though, because Dead Man is an entertaining rapper and the music is original. The first track is Lil Jon inspired and is filled to the brim with screaming. The track is pretty buckin, but it also makes me crack a smile; because let's just say that this ain't no Lil Jon. Deadman goes on to show a lot more rapping elements on this album, which is good because I wasn't about to handle an hour and fifteen minutes of shouting. He's always aggressive on the mic, but he makes sense and does a great job putting his thoughts into lyrics. The beats are some super low-budget pieces made by a single synth workplace and maybe a few samples, but the sounds range anywhere from Memphis synth beats (like from the 3MK EP) to some East coast boom bap shit. Deadman is an interesting character and this underground release is a very solid effort for what it is.