November 7, 2016

DJ Paul & Juicy J - Vol. 3: Spring Mix (1995)

If you're a fan of Memphis hip hop you already know: if a Paul/Juicy production features a Triple 6 hotline track, you're in for some cozy, pimpin, dirty south goodness. That said, I can't grasp why Spring Mix is so highly regarded in the Memphis rap world. The mixes are essentially reworkings of old Paul and Juicy tracks, but without as much fire beneath them. The tape opens up with the classic and surreal Playa Hataz, which received a much deserved remaster on the Underground Vol. 1 compilation. Next up is one of the earliest incarnations of a Prophet Posse track when the subgroup Killa Klan Kaze (MC Mack, Scan Man, and K-Rock), kills a classic Paul and Juicy sample. The Kaze album from '98 is strong, but this track makes me wish for more mid-90s underground material from the crew. The rest is solid SP1200 mixes but obviously nowhere near the quality of work Triple 6 released in 1994; just them riding their classic horror samples one last time before their underground days came to a halt. Spring Mix is essentially a short advertisement piece for Three 6 Mafia's CD debut, Mystic Stylez and while the mix is a fine piece of smokey hip hop to ride to late at night, it is honestly one of the weaker Three 6 Mafia tapes as a whole.


Vol. 3 "Spring Mix"