November 3, 2016

DJ Sound - Volume 10 [Hatred] (1995)

^Reissue cover and tape bootleg^

I thought about starting this write-up by lazily comparing the DJ Sound & Frayserclick Volume 10 and 11 tapes to Triple 6's Smoked Out Loced Out and Mystic Stylez, but it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, Hatred and Broken Halo might be Sound's two greatest tape-length accomplishments but the music is a ways from the typical Three 6 aesthetic. Not even taking account of the tape's lo-fi recording and rip quality, this is some of the most low-down dirty music ever made--just gritty ghetto funk through and through. DJ Sound pumps an overwhelming amount of horror movie string arrangement samples, butchered vocal chops, and his own bass and cowbells into these beats. The atmosphere is often busy, but I never lose touch with Sound's sense of groove (sometimes happens with me if I listen to something like an odd DJ Fela filler mix). Sound's bass 808s are about as good as it gets for Memphis hip hop, right up there with the bass king, Shawty Pimp. Volume 10 is not the first time Sound employs hammering kick/bass switches, but this is some of his best work in that area and--like most other Memphis drum programming--very influential to 21st Century trap rap. All of the usual Frayserclick suspects kill verses plus a more-or-less surprise verse from Lil Noid (I think it's him) on Hoes Ain't Just Hoes. One of the most memorable raps on the tape comes from D Tha Unknown on Get Out My Way; he murders a slower-paced verse over a typical spooky DJ Sound beat. The intro track is on point in describing what this underground tape is all about. Hatred is a Memphis and dirty south hip hop classic that must be heard by anybody who considers themselves a rap fan.

A side note: DJ Sound and most of the Frayserclick has disassociated from the website. The profits from the CD reissues and other materials are not going to the artists who made the music. The merchandise is now considered bootlegged and unofficial per DJ Sound, so if you ain't into bootlegging culture, don't indulge. I'm going to share this album anyway like a savage, but remember my website has a lot less traffic than the frayserclick site and I make no money off this blog in any way, nor do intend to. All for the education/discussion here.


Volume 10 [Hatred]