November 18, 2016

Young Thug - Jeffery (2016)

One of the most thoroughly disappointing albums of the year for me. It seems like everybody on social media and all of the music publiciations loved this, and as a Young Thug fan, I was ready for some new bump (fuck with that cover heavy too). As it played out, I like pretty much nothing about this album after listening. Jefferey opens up with the track, Wyclef Jean, and pays homage to the artist with a guitar rhythm on the upbeat. For no real reason other than the fact I can't stand anything Roots, this rubs me the wrong way, but I figured I'd get over it with some more traditional trap bangers or unpredictable Young Thug creativity. I was wrong. The album hardly picks up on the next track, Floyd Mayweather, because of the lame ass beat, boring Thugger verse, and trash ass features from dropoff rapper of the century, Gucci Mane, and the trashest, wackest dude in the scene right now--on par with Drake--Travis Scott. I could say the same for the subsequent tracks; Young Thug does very little with some of the laziest production of any popular trap rap from the past two years. I can find absolutely nothing to enjoy about this mixtape. Extinguished beats, unenergetic rapping, and the worst features lineup of the year is a recipe for disappointment. I guess nowadays it's cool to embrace anything this dude puts out. People are tripping right now; Jeffery and Slime Season 3 aren't even comparable to SS 1 & 2, 1017 Thug, or Tha Tour. I'm really not sure what Jefferey is supposed to be... I think I'm getting that it's supposed to be a more finessed and artsy continuation of his existing style, kind of like what Future did with DS2. Future's mediocre-ass had nothing to lose by changing gears a little bit, so it worked out alright for him, but if Young Thug keeps trying to compete with somebody way below his level (which he has definitely been doing this whole year), he won't get anywhere. I get that there is a little personal bias here (I love his songs with sustained bass 808s and steady, rhythmic synth lines), but I cannot get how people don't see this as a shot of nothing. I guess I feel let down because I've been waiting for Young Thug to spend more time on his work, drop something dope and consistent, and explore new visions to follow up The Tour, but it still hasn't come.